Molecular Genetics

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Molecular Genetics

One of its kind Online Certification Course in ‘Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology’ by Jehangir Centre for Learning (JCL) India

There is a growing demand for geneticists in the Health Service, in particular to run genetic counselling and
diagnostics services in the coming personalized medicine revolution. Molecular methods are also used extensively in
forensic science for the detection of crime, as well as in hospital diagnostics laboratories for disease diagnosis

The course is designed to explain the technology, theory and practical approaches of molecular genetics methods to the
diagnosis and understanding of human disease.


Course Offerings

  • The basic techniques used in the isolation of DNA and RNA from different sources
  • Purifying them.
  • Quantification of DNA and RNA.
  • Amplifying specific gene sequences.
  • Conventional and Real time PCR techniques and its principle and application.
  • DNA sequencing principles and its applications.
  • Cellular Analysis.
  • Primer Designing.
  • PCR experimental design set-up and Data Analysis
  • Using these basic techniques in clinical medicine.

Career Opprtunities

  • Jobs in Private laboratories, Research laboratories, Government Laboratories, Research and Development department of Pharmaceutical or Biotech companies
  • Add-on skills for young doctors
  • New roles/ promotion in existing companies (Laboratory, Hospital, Pharmaceutical, Biotech companies etc)

Course Duration

    A self-paced course with two components: Theory Training via E-learning portal. 4 day practical lab training at our laboratory in Pune.
  • Participants will receive an E-Certificate once they complete the theory course within the time frame.
  • This includes successfully passing all the quizzes and assignments through LMS

Who can apply

  • Life-Sciences graduates and Post Graduates – Chemistry, Microbiology, Botany,
  • Pharmacy Graduates and Post Graduates
  • Doctors (Pathologists, Microbiologists, MBBS, BAMS, BHMS)
  • Medical Students
  • PhD students
  • Employees working in Laboratories, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical or Biotech companies

Course Fee

For individuals: Rs. 16,950 + 18% GST = Total Rs. 20,000.

This includes both theories as well as practicals.

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