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Careers in Clinical Research

Why opt for a career in clinical research?

This emerging industry requires 10,000 trained persons every year in India. However, only 1,000 persons are trained and certified annually. As per industry estimates, the requirement will grow to over 50,000 over the next five years.
There are a spectrum of roles and avenues in this industry like bio-availability and bio-equivalence studies, site management, data management, pharmacovigilance, quality assurance, medical writing and Bio-IT solutions Such multiple opportunities are available in pharmaceutical companies, CROs, SMOs, investigator sites, central laboratories, and other allied players that are fast setting up operations in India.

The following are the various career pathways available to clinical research professionals:

SEGMENT 1 describes the career pathways for medical graduates and post-graduates. This segment supports the clinical trial management in critical areas such as safety monitoring and management, regulatory submission and approval, medical writing, therapeutic training to the clinical operations, and study team. This segment is essentially the scientific and medical support arm of any organisation and contributes in an important way for the “make or break”decision making.

SEGMENT 2 is very crucial, and is called the management arm of the CR business. This arm contributes to the bottom line of the CR business and constitutes 60%–70% of the CR manpower. The professionals in great demand in this segment are the CRAs and Project Managers, who are essentially the field force and revenue earners for most CROs and pharma companies that are required for budgeting.

SEGMENT 3 also plays a crucial role and is the analytical arm of the CR career model. The professionals involved in this segment have a statistical and programming back ground. They play a major role in the beginning of trial design and at the end to analyse and statistically interpret the data to derive conclusions.

SEGMENT 4 is the support arm of the CR model. These individuals bring business, identify and recruit the right professionals, manage finance and provide training to the core teams.

SEGMENT 5 the investigators, are the real lifeline of the CR business and they provide tremendous support as the study staff in the hospital—set up for patient care, follow-up, and compliance in clinical trials. Without their support, the CR business would not be able to operate.

Ex- Student Testimonials

Amar Kalambe

It was a great learning experience and also provided a springboard for me to pursue a career in the field of clinical research. I received excellent training in a range of research methods & different arenas which widened my knowledge in the research field.

-Dr. Amar Kalambe (Batch of 2009)
Customer Service



  • JCDC is among best in the field of clinical research and healthcare. I have completed PGD in Clinical Research from JCL.
  • The faculty members are highly qualified with area expertise.
  • JCL imparts top class education.
  • Work environment is good at JCDC.
  • Organization gives you a chance to make use of your efficiency and bring results.
  • Good Infrastructure, Wi-fi, classrooms.
  • The most important value is to carry the knowledge with ourselves through the Centre.

– Aliya Kausar Nalband

akshay awchat

JCL provided a good platform for me in the Clinical Trial field. I had only few ideas about this background and some small knowledge as I read in B.Pharmacy. JCL gave me a solid foundation in Clinical Operations and Clinical Data Management. The knowledge gained in JCL has helped me a great deal in both my placements in KEM and TATA consultancy services

-Akshay Vijay Avachat
Senior Process Associate – TCS Regulatory Department.


JCL provided me a good opportunity to understand clinical trial industry. I had very few knowledge about this industry till I attended a seminar in my last year of graduation. JCL developed / increased my knowledge in clinical trial operations and clinical data management. Teaching staff has 20 to 40 years with practical industrial experience and was helpful too. They gave us good knowledge related to clinical trials as well as career opportunities related to this industry. Currently I am doing master in biotechnology, knowledge gained at JCL is helping me in my post-graduation as well.

-Dnyanal Ganesh Pawar

Ashish Bharate

I am really happy to be the part of the JCL family. Family I said, because JCL provides a great platform of learning for our growth under the guidance of knowledge leaders. JCL has given a good direction to my career in all the aspects so that we are able to achieve our goals in this competitive world.

-Ashish Ashok Bharate (Batch of 2009)
Clinical Data Programmer – Tata consultancy services Pvt. Ltd.


The overall course is designed in an interesting way. During some of our session’s role plays were conducted and we also got a brief overview of real clinical research papers. A session was also conducted on CV building. To increase the effectiveness of learning, such activities should be carried out frequently. The whole course was enjoyable and we learned a lot.

– Namrata Mahajan

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