Directors Message

Thank you for your interest in the Jehangir Centre of Learning (JCL).
This is an exciting time for India with the globalization of the Indian economy and capitulation of Indian brands. The Clinical research industry in India is growing at a fast rate thus providing immense opportunities to young professionals. This industry offers great career pathways but also the satisfaction of making a difference to peoples’ lives.

The research institute at Jehangir Hospital has more than a decade of experience in clinical research and has successfully completed over 200 clinical trials till date. JCL was formed in 2008 as an extension of Jehangir Clinical Development Centre (JCDC) in order to spread the knowledge and experience gained over the years to young aspirants in the field of clinical research. The faculty is highly experienced in the conduct of clinical trials thus allowing the emphasis to be on imparting training on practical aspects in the conduct of clinical research.

As a team, we strongly believe in our vision and take it up as our responsibility to create knowledgeable and ethical leaders in this field who can positively contribute to the advancement of global research. Come be a part of JCL and enter the exciting field of clinical research.

Good luck in your quest for knowledge - may it never end!

Dr. Uma Divate M.D.(Med)