The JCL courses in have the right blend of practical exposure, theoretical knowledge and emphasis on management and soft skills in order to make an aspirant ready to take on any role in the clinical research industry.

A) Weekend Courses:

1. Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research and Data Management

Type: Weekend course
Time: 10.30 am to 5.30 pm
Duration: 6 months
Covers: All essential aspects of conducting Clinical Trials and Clinical data management. Overview of Pharmacovigilance and Medical Writing. High emphasis on PRACTICAL TRAINING
Internship opportunity: Offered to selected students who excel in the exams.

USPs of this course

  • Unique combination of courses gives overall knowledge of all aspects in Clinical research.
  • Complete understanding of operations, clinical data management and introduction to Pharmaco vigilance and medical writing making career transition to these areas possible.
  • This course has been designed to make every candidate Job ready
  • Workshops on communication techniques, interview skills included in this course

Other facilities:

  • Notes are provided after every lecture
  • CDM software training conducted for 2 months on actual software
  • Placement assistance provided to all students

After Completing this course, following career opportunities open up:

  • Site Operations (Hospitals, Site Management Organizations conducting clinical research)
  • Sponsor Operations (Contract Research Organizations and Pharmaceutical Companies conducting research)
  • Pharmacovigilance and Drug safety reporting
  • Clinical Data Management
  • Regulatory affairs

2. Fundamentals in Clinical Research

This course is designed for Doctors pursuing Post Graduation or a Working Professionals interested in exploring the field of Clinical Research to gain knowledge.
Duration : 2 weeks Conducted on weekdays for 2 weeks, 4 days per week
A total contact programme for 30 hrs (Internship not provided)


  • Affordable fees
  • Short duration
  • Flexible Timings
  • Guidance from experienced faculty

B) Workshops

The following knowledge backpacked workshops are offered to enhance existing skills. The duration for these workshops range between 2 days to 4 weeks.

1. Workshop on Pharmacovigilance

  • All aspects of safety reporting
  • Introduction to therapeutic areas
  • Overview of software application.

2. Workshop on Good Laboratory Practices

  • History of GLP Guidelines
  • GLP requirements
  • GLP Inspection & Enforcement
  • Bioanalytical Method Validation for Drug

3. Regulatory affairs in pharmaceutical domain

  • Important aspects of Drug Regulatory Process.
  • Comprehensive overview of the field of Drug Regulatory Affairs.
  • Regulatory Case Study

4. Ethics committee preparedness

  • In view of the recent changes in the regulatory compliance the course will give complete guideline for effective EC functioning
  • Course delivered by some of the most experienced EC members in the industry today

5. Biostatistics and its application in clinical research

  • Designed for health care researchers and covers basic principles of Biostatistics
  • Design of medical research studies, standard statistical tests and data analyses, and data management.
  • Overview of advanced topics, including multiple linear and logistic regression, survival analysis, and longitudinal data

6. Running a successful clinical research site

  • Effectively running of an SMO or site operations
  • Focus on Data quality, adhering to timelines and patient safety
  • Course designed for independent PIs and others who want to start their own site operations.

7. Legal aspects in Clinical research

  • Aspects of regulations in conducting and practicing clinical research.
  • Includes country specific requirements including overview of insurance in clinical research
  • Guidance on Clinical Trial agreements and budgets
  • Drug Discovery in an in-vitro lab setting
  • Practically oriennted course teaching basics of lab operations in an in-vitro setting for drug discovery
  • Covers the quantitative techniques used in drug discovery

8. Drug Discovery in an in-vitro lab setting

  • Practically oriennted course teaching basics of lab operations in an in-vitro setting for drug discovery
  • Covers the quantitative techniques used in drug discovery